Term: 2018 | Issue: 3 | Date: March 10, 2018

Barb's Notes

Good day, fellow "dog parents".

It's hard to believe that Daylight savings Time is about to arrive. More time to spend outdoors with the dogs.

With the warmer weather about to arrive, fleas and ticks will become more plentiful so all of must should remember to check our dogs on a regular basis even though we do have them on flea prevenrtative treatments.

As I was reading the paper this morning, I came across an interesting article by Dr Fox. It confirms stories we have heard from amny of you, so we would like to share it. I hope you enjoy it.

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Animal Doctor

Fort Myers News-Press |Saturday March 10, 2018

Dear Dr. Fox:

You asked about dogs knowing their owners have died . This is my story.

My husband had a bad stroke, and the determination was made to let him go. So, he went to hospice in a hospital near our home. Our dog, Reppi, a Poodle Havanese mix, was allowed to come to hospice with me each day. Reppi would lie at the bottom of the bed.

When my husband - who seemed to be in an unreachable place, mentally - would put his hand out, the dog would come and lie either between his legs or at his side, and my husband would pet him. Eventually, Reppi woulq return to the foot of the bed. After 11 days of this, my husband stopped breathing. He was gone. The dog, after the last breath, got off the bed, went to the door and sat, waiting for me to take him home. He knew.

The other night I decided to brush Reppi, which hadn't been done since my husband had his stroke. It had been an evening routine: My husband would sit at a certain spot on the couch with a treat in his pocket, put a towel over his legs, and brush the dog. Reppi would jump off after being brushed and wait impatiently for the treat.

I decided to try the same thing. Without missing a beat, Reppi jumped on my lap, tolerated the brushing, jumped down, waiting for the treat to appear. This was three year's later. They know and remember. Be good to your dog; they are your best friend, always.

- L.A., Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Many thanks for your touching account of your good dog, Reppi, who was so attuned to your husband and to his caregivers' levels of kindness.

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Super Sniffer: Dog's Nose Inspires New Gas Sensor Materials

ScienceDaily | March 10, 2018

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Dogs Are Important for the Mental Health of Recovering Veterans

US News & World Report | Jan. 19, 2018

Both trained service dogs and companion pet dogs can help wounded warriors battle PTSD.

Service dogs have a long and distinguished history helping physically impaired people live more productive lives, including assisting military veterans
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